Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Viva La Juicy Heart Pendant

Viva La Juicy is such a lovely scent, it is one of few perfumes that lasts on my skin and continues to smell great as it wears away. I have been using the gorgeous travel bottle that I received before Christmas, it reminds me of the holidays as it was the only one I wore. For Valentines this year Juicy Couture have launched a solid perfume heart pendant, a little bit of bling goes down well with me. It is certainly a statement piece and is perfect to wear to add a romantic touch to any outfit (especially for date night!). Viva La Juicy is one of my favourite scents and I'm so happy Juicy have released another solid perfume jewelry piece, I still love my Juicy solid perfume ring.
RRP £37.00 from Juicy Couture at Debenhams


socialitedreams said...

oh oh! i'd rock that, i want the necklace

Laura said...

l am a big heart pendant fan and this gold VLJ heart is really gorgeous. l have only been getting into VLJ recently, but l love their really colorful jewellery and packaging. Want to steal it from you, lol!