Thursday, 2 February 2012

Good Things Deep Pore Cleanser

When I heard Good Things were introducing their Deep Pore Cleanser I was excited, I had hoped they would bring one out. 'Superfruits for super skin' I am in love with this deep pore despite the fact I have only been using it for a couple of weeks, the thin formula is like water and really does take all my makeup off, leaving my face feeling clean. It's aimed for breakout and oily prone skin types, which is me all over right not, lots of medications and illness has caused my skin to freak out again - not a pretty sight. So this came at the right time, the two-in-one cleanser/toner formula  digs deep to clear pores and reduce sebum without being too harsh on skin. One of the things I love about Good Things is how hard the products work without stripping your skin and being too harsh for it. The strawberry extract helps to create a radiant complexion, while willow bark and licorice extract will help get rid of any nasty spot causing bacteria.
Overall I've been impressed, this certainly helped clear my skin up and help me on my way to getting my skin back to normal. I have a soft spot for Good Things, and recommend the brand highly.


Catherine said...

Sounds fab I have the same skin too x

MissBWell said...

Oo this sounds great - do you wash this off with water or is it one you use with cotton wool? x

Sarirah said...

I really want to try this out. I love the Good Things brand and I use their stay clear cleanser every morning. Also, there spot gel actually works. :)