Sunday, 10 June 2012

Neal's Yard Beauty Boost

This isn't a review post, that will come later, I just wanted to ask if anyone has tried these Neal's Yard Beauty Boost supplements before and what do you think? Given what my body and skin has had to endure over the past 6 weeks I am throwing everything at it. From my diet, health, products, you name it all in a bid to help rebuild my inner and outer self to what it was before my health dipped again. I have been taking these for a week now, so I wanted to get some more opinions both on these supplements but whether anyone has suggestions on any other supplements that might be worth trying as well. So far I haven't seen anything drastic in ways of changes, but slight changes however after I have swallowed up the whole bottle I will share my thoughts. Over to you now so let me know!


Tilly said...

I have been using Phyto Phytophanere Food Supplements for the past few weeks and my nails have grown really strong would definitly recommend! I've got alot of hair anway so haven't really noticed a difference there!

Anonymous said...

What were your findings with this product after all?
Very eager to hear from someone who knows what she is doing!