Monday, 4 June 2012

I am still alive & kicking!

Hey guys, I'm still here but sadly have been in hospital plus having lost my camera charger I'm unable to post, however my birthday is next week and I shall be (fingers and toes crossed) getting a shiny new camera so I can't wait to jump back into blogging. In the mean time there should be a video or two up tomorrow so stay tuned, I've managed to also film a video/vlog talking about my health as to explain what is actually wrong with me as I have been flooded with messages and questions recently, something I am happy to share as it might give another comfort in knowing they aren't alone. I'll be back soon. Love xo

P.S. I also have 4 fabulous giveaways from some fantastic brands lined up for next week too!


Glittered feathers said...

I really hope you are okay, and are able to get out of hospital soon.
Jess x

Lacey said...

Hope you're okay :)

misspeony said...

Very nice!!
Visit my blog, we can follow each others :)