Thursday, 22 January 2009

MAC Haul

So im guessing you have come from youtube to see my MAJOR haur and the colours! :)

The Pro Pallete x2

Mineralize Skin finish natural

Mineralize Skin finish natural

MAC Bronzing Powder
Refined Golden

182# Brush

MAC 208# and 210 # Brushes

MAC Technokohl

MAC e/s Vanilla

MAC e/s Vanilla

MAC tinted lip conditioner
Petting Pink

MAC Lip Stick
and swatches

Top: Patisserie Middle: Snob Bottom: Blankety

MAC Lustre Glass

MAC Plush Glasss (1st) and Lip Glass(2nd + 3rd)
Top: Snow Girl Middle: Florabundance Bottom: Nice Buzz

This is what i wore today, Snob and Nice Buzz

So thats all, if you want any reviews or tutorials feel free to ask :)

Lu x


pinkicedcupcake said...

omg, thats one major haul, im jealous. the lipstick colours are soooooo nice. which ones are you favourites?

LMD__its love said...

Hey pinkicedcupcake, erm.. thats tough probs Snob, Hue and Up the Amp
Lu x

macosophy said...

oh my gosh what a haul i want all of it!!