Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Body Shop

The Body Shop was always oe of those shops i walked into but rarely bought anything, as much as i loved their body butters and body washes i could never justify that amount of money on something i would go through in a month or so.. So i absolutely delighted when for christmas i received their Mango Body Butter, wash and exfoliator from santa ;)

Mango is my fave fruit ever.. and it was always the scent i went for but like i said £15.00 for Body lotion, £8.00 was exfoliator and wash seemed too much. I know that sounds illy when ill spend £30 on a face moisturiser but thats me.

However, since having got these products a little under a month ago i am converted and i will from now on be using these as my body range, maybe swapping the scent up i like the the passionfruit one too, but ive realised that the products you use on your body are just as important, and £15.00 is nothing when your left with a hydrated and gorgeous smelling body.

The Body Butter is the main focus of the post, it is very thick and creamy, and smells divine. Because of its thick consistency a little goes a long way, which with previous lotions ive had to pile it on to get the same softness but not with this. It hasnt got a SPF but i dont tend to expose my body unless im on a beach.

Its long lasting on the skin too even after a good few hours you can touch your skin and still feel the satin texture.

The body wash is lovely too, very soft ad by that i mean it doesnt dry the skin out too much and leaves the lovely mango scent behind too.

Lu x

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