Sunday, 18 January 2009

MAC Myth v Barry M 101

Ive had both of these lipsticks for as long as i can remember but it never actually clicked how similar they are. They are from the same nude family, myth has a beige undertone and 101 has a pink undertone but to be honest they are SO similar.

For reference MAC Myth is on the left and Barry M 101 onthe right:

Without Flash
You can barely tell the subtle difference
With flash
This is where you can see the different undertones

Myth is a Satin lipstick and i would say 101 is more of a matte, but that doesnt mean its a harsh texture or appearance but myth has that extra softness to the lips.

Again MAC Myth on the left and Barry M 101 on the right:

Excuse the terrible pout!
With Flash
Barry M 101
With Flash
MAC Myth

Both are great lipsticks, really good nude colours that i think are essential to anyone. These do not dry the lips at all, and both feel very moisturising on the lips, just make sure your lips arent cracked or dry before hand otherwise i have found these colours accentuate that. They do however need carefull application in order not to end up the dreaded foundation look lips.

Lu x

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