Saturday, 24 January 2009


So, up until 2007 i was pretty adventurous with my hair, any colour and cut, but as of 2008 ive kinda been stuck in the ash blonde mid length hair state.. :| and im now craving a change.. but i cant decide so i do colour .. cut .. both ?

I did some googling.. i quite like the idea of a VERY pale blonde as ive never had that before and going for uber long hair.. but im worried its too playmate/WAG like and i dont want to go down that route.. lol

Maybe i should just leave it ..?


Lu x

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macosophy said...

i love your hair! i wouldn't change it. but if you're bored i think you should maybe go a bit darker? i think if you go blonder it won't be as much of a change you're looking for because you're already a blonde. but if you go darker it's going to look different and fresh. or maybe you just start off with highlights and see where that takes you :)
i'm very bored with my hair too but i'm too scared to do anything with it!