Friday, 26 June 2009

Guarana Lip Butter

As you all know i was sent some goodies to try from the Body Shop, and ive been using the Guarana Lip Butter everyday since i got it, it has replaced my use of my YESYESYES lip butter. Mainly because of the smell im fickle that way :)

I dont suffer from very dry lips, however when they do get dry and i try my best to always apply some form of balm everyday to keep them in good condition.

This one smells divine, for me kind of like a berry/bubblegum scent which suits me PERFECT! :D

The texture is a weird one, i can feel little bits in it, nothing to obvious but there is defo something in this.

At first i didnt like it because of the texture but once you start to wear it it melts into your lips. Its a thick butter too, and gives a nice glossy finish to your lips, very natural which is great for the summer.

They retail for about £4.85, which is a bit pricey for a lipbalm, however perfect as little treat for yourself. My other fave is the wild cherry scent, a must have for me !

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Sarah said...

It really does have a bubblegum smell to it! The texture was a bit weird to me at first but now I love this lip butter!!

I don't think we have the wild cherry in Australia.. we are always a few years behind haha.

Great review :)