Wednesday, 10 June 2009

well ..

Hey all my lovely readers, this isnt going to be a makeup related post im afraid, more a personal blog :).

Its been nearly a year since i started blogging on here, and i have truely enjoyed sharing everything with you guys! I was just thinking how little you probs really know about me, so should i do a questions video?? Let me know :) Im really grateful i have such amazing people i can chat to about my obsession, not many people in my life have the same interest. My youtube and blog are something i am truely enjoying, its more than hobbie now i think, i feel a commitment to it and to you guys! Without you all, id just be posting meaningless junk to, well, myself?

My 18th birthday is on friday, and im really excited to be turning 18, dont ask me why but i am :) I shall post a video on friday fingers crossed if youtube works me for, it keeps failing, and ill announce the birthday contest winner. My 16th birthday passed by with a bang, i was rather a 'rude girl' in colloquial language terms, however i have planned a more dignified day and weekend. It is Marlow regatta here too this weekend which i always enjoy but this year it means more excuse to have a little fun.

Im coming up to the end of my exams now, only two left then im free lol! It has been so stressful i missed alot of classes this year due to illness, so it has been hard but i worked hard and im proud of what ive done and i couldnt have given anymore through these exams. Thankyou to everyones supporting words, and wishing me good luck :) Only my law exams to go now.

This year has been a tough one, the year started off with a back injury, then my January exams pretty much sucked and then a close friend of mine decided to stab me in the back, but the sun is finally coming through the clouds and everything seems to be falling into place again and i couldnt be happier. Health is ok (minus the flu atm), exams are much better than the Jan ones, work is FAB :) and said friend has said sorry and we are slowly talking again, which i am pleased about as i hate conflict. However, i was pleased at my silence throughout the friend issue, i managed to stop the inner mean girl coming out haha.

Now all i have to worry about is my alevel results for Uni.

This is the end of my little blog, sorry it isnt makeup related, however if you want me to blog more amount personal stuff let me know, but this is my outlet for everything :)

I love you
Lu x


whitebutterfly01 said...

I like blogs like this!
Im jealous that you got the flu before your birthday, I got mine on Sunday ON my birthday!
But glad things are working out nicely for you. :D

ellamarie84 said...

I like these kinds of posts, and I think you should do a questions video! It's always cool to learn more about people than just makeup related things. Good luck with the rest of your exams! :)