Tuesday, 16 June 2009

:) little update

So youtube has finally worked out its issues with my videos and is uploading again so expect an influx of videos in the next few days ive missed talking to you guys!! I have hit over 1100 now! Go check out my youtube video if you want to enter my little giveaway :) its just to say thankyou.

My exams are almost over, one on friday which im not too worried about and a driving test this week!! ee by friday hopefully ill be driving :D wish my luck!! ha ill need it

I have decided i will be doing a birthday haul but i will be leaving a couple of items out as i really dont want to come across like 'look what i got!' yno? I might do that today actually :)

And lastly i have a 'questions video/update' video loading onto youtube as i type, so if you want to ask any question it will be up tonight and ill do the answers video in a few days, sunday probs. So this was just a little blog update because i hadnt done one in a couple of days.

Love xo


Lucy said...

aww good luck with your driving test :) ive done mine 3 times now and failed got another one booked for the 10th of july x
Im sure you will do fine x
love your blog and your youtube vids
and who ever says you have been spoilt or braggin, its your birthday after all and not only that it was your 18th, so just ignore them :) id love to see what you got :)

Lu x

Carly said...

It was your 18th :) don't worry what anyone else thinks x