Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Heeeeeeey guyyyyyyyyyyssssssss

i dont wear false lashes ! sometimes i will but i tell you! haha soooo many comments lately about my lashes, i got a message telling me they were fake! errrrrm surely i know better??

Well the wonderful product behind my new lash 'spurt' is Lipocils, bought from SpaceNK for £20, basically they advise you use it morning and night for 28 days to see results. I personally saw results after around 3 weeks and im still using it up because there is plenty left (im at the 5 week mark now)!

For a mere £20 i have thick full lashes and im soo happy, im finally (almost) kicked my false lash obsession thanks to this. I was sooo unsure when i got it whether it would cost compared to more higher priced brands. The biggest change has been the length, my bottom ones touch my skin now something that before, even with a TON of mascara, never happend and my top lashes on a good 'curled' day reach my brow bone.

You guys have all been asking if they are real and hand on my heart they are, its all down to Lipocils. Give it a go and let me know how you get on with it :)

I defo recommend! :)

I shall also do a video for youtube when iget round to it.

Love Lu


Sarah said...

ummmmm i'm getting this :)

Holly :) said...

Thats amazing, i must try it!

hazeleyes said...

I definately need to try this stuff!!

Laurenjc17 said...

Oooh I might get this tomorrow :D

amynicola_ox said...

I'm using this right now as well, on my yt I'vebeen doing alash experiment and I'm really noticing a difference!