Monday, 19 September 2011

Beep Beep! Lets drive..

Todays post is a little different, you may see a few driving posts popping up and I thought I would share my story. It is 2 years and 1 week since I passed my driving test, one of the scariest things I have ever done in my life. You all know the feeling, dreading that you may fail because you want to pass, you want the freedom to just get up and go. I wanted that so badly, so when I failed the first time round I was so upset, it made me feel on the edge taking more driving lessons then two weeks after failing I took that plunge again. I passed. It was a great feeling, I cried, I hugged the tester for a little longer than appropriate and couldn't stop saying thank you to him and my instructor. 

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The thing I noticed the most was how you get on with your driving instructor as well as the tester, if you don't click it wont work! Simple. I went through 4 instructors before I found the perfect guy, through RED Driving School. The same went for my second tester, the first one was apparently the worst and notoriously hard to pass with but the second was so funny. He actually came from the same town in Scotland so we had a lot to chat about, it put me at ease.

RED Driving School asked us all to share a few key pieces of information on road safety, a vital part of driving I think you will agree.  RED are committed to working with other organisations that have the same standards and belief in  road safety. One of those is charity called Brake, who look to educate young people (17-24) who are statistically more likely to be involved in road traffic accidents, a sad but very true fact. One that hit home personally 2 weeks ago when I lost someone I went to school with because of a careless driver. 

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Accidents happen and I think main point I am trying to stress here is to be comfortable when your learning, be happy with the person (people) teaching you, the last thing you want is to rush or be stressed. Take it all the valuable information that places like RED Driving School and Brake can give you. 

Be safe when learning, be safe when you have passed - none of us are invincible. It just takes on silly mistake and I hope that never happens to any of you wonderful people. I'll leave you with this from Brake's ‘Pledge2DriveSafely’ supported fully by RED and by me.. 

 It has six golden rules :

Slow – within speed limits
Sober – free from alcohol and drugs
Sharp – not tired, ill or with poor sight
Silent – phone off and out of reach
Secure – belted up in a safe vehicle
Sustainable – only when you have to

Tell me your driving stories, are you learning or did you pass?  

This post is sponsored by Handpicked Media on behalf of RED Driving School 


Hannah said...

I'm looking to book my test tonight, I'm so nervous and I really don't want to fail! x

MakeupLoveer said...

Good luck !! You will be fine, tweet me and let me know how it goes!! :D

xELISSA said...

This is a really good idea for a post! I had to take Calms tablets before my test to stop me being so nervous! xx

brogantatexo said...

I have my test next month! I'm so so nervous, I've done 40 hours now so I'm overly prepared. Thank you for addressing this subject, not many people do and its really important!

Brogan xx

smith lopan said...

Wow! I am really impressed by the way you detailed out everything. It is really going to help me a lot. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so clearly.

GEMTK said...

Hello!! Entire information for driving test you shared really helpful for me and my friends.. So just keep up and share more story..