Sunday, 18 September 2011

Decleor - Aroma Night

This shouldve been up while I was on holiday however clearly that didn't work. So next up in my little skin care series comes from the wonderful brand Decleor, the Aroma Night Ylang Ylang Purifying Night Balm. I was a little apprehensive about using a balm on my typically combination skin, the last thing I need is more oil. However I found that after my first few uses of this product that I actually began to use more as theway my skin feels after is simply divine. 

The 100% natural and preservative free balm, has been a pleasure to use, the lovely melting texture, the soft feel and the benefits all suited for my combination/oily skin. I like the the fact it aids in cleansing the skin from any impurities, helping your skin to repair and re-balance itself. 

If you suffer from breakouts, I think you will find this a useful products as it will help to reduce any imperfections and inflammations. Any time I've suffered from terrible breakouts I've gone straight to this at night, knowing my skin will be healthier and radiant in the morning. What more does a girl need?!
With the active ingredients that are similar to how our own skin behaves, Melaleuca, Ylang Ylang, Basil Essential Oils and Tonka Bean Resinöid, Plant Oils and Waxes of Hazelnut, Jojoba and Corn are all jammed in this little pot to provide a nourishing and luxurious feeling balm.

Despite my initial expectations the balm doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy after I apply it. Instead my skin feels silky smooth and more than moisturised, it does feel divine. 

One of the best points has to be the soothing and relaxing scent, it really does help to
 unwind just that little bit more before you go to bed, it definitely relaxes the senses offering added sensorial benefits.

RRP £31.50 for a 15ml Jar - HERE

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Mandy said...

This sounds really lovely. Does it have any silicone in the ingredients? I may purchase it if it doesn't. xx