Sunday, 16 October 2011

I'm a Rockette Red

I have been searching for that perfect shade of red lipstick for what seems forever, but my search ended a couple of weeks ago whilst as The Box club in London with the lovely Ree from Rockalily. We had met before, but on this occasion I just had to slap on some of her gorgeous red lipstick and there I found 'the one'. 

The girls told me how much is suited me and I agreed, I had never put on a red lipstick and instantly felt great wearing it. I think you need to have confidence to pull of a red lip, don't get me wrong I wear neon pinks, dark pinks, berries etc with no problem but red always felt weird. I'd often apply the lipstick and then take it off before I left the house. 

It is a rich creamy formula, that has no shimmer or anything in it. Perfect. I am a big fan of matte/cream lipsticks e.g. no shimmer or frost etc. The red is a blue based red that paired with me skin tone looks stunning - even if I do say so myself! 

Even Cosmo agree that Rockalily lipsticks are fabulous, saying how 'perfect' they are. The attention that has gone into the lipsticks is obvious, the creamy texture that could so easily be drying but instead feels moisturising, the shades Ree really has made sure there is a shade for everyone meaning noone has to look far to find their perfect kissable red and the longevity the Rockalily lipsticks have a great staying power - I've kissed, sipped and snacked without loosing my lipstick. Impressive. 

The packaging is too cute too, I can't bring myself to throw away the box and so I keep the lipstick stored in there safely. OCD much? I love the mix of black, leopard print and flowers, very me. I guess what I have loved so much is the I have bought countless red lipsticks in the past, everything from cheap barry m to Chanel but none of them have given me that old glamourous Hollywood pout that I was after, but now I've found it. I could gush about this lippie forever.

Ree you have converted me, I don't think I worn a red lip this much ever. It is love. I suggest all of you lipstick lovers go HERE and find your purrrfect shade too. 

RRP £14.00


Kelly said...

Love it! Really suits you.
The packaging is really cute to.
I've been braver with my lippies lately, and found Orange suits me, which I'd never gone for before.

Dragon Mommy said...

Looks fab! That colour red really suits u.

Holli x

musicndaydreams said...

It looks amazing! I've heard nothing but great things about Rockalily lipsticks, I may have to treat myself soon!! xxx