Thursday, 13 October 2011

NEW Eve Lom Eye Cream

I was rather excited to give this a whirl when it landed on my desk yesterday (thank you Leoma) it is the new Eve Lom Eye cream that will be landing in store next week. The new super triple action eye cream is set to take us beauty lovers by storm.

It has been designed to keep your eyes looking young, fresh and nourished, by locking in essential moisture, diminshing dark circles and reduce any puffiness under the eyes. Looking at it you might think it will be to rich, it certainly looks and feels at first touch very heavy, but give when you apply it to your skin this sinks in like a dream and feels surprisngly light.

The rich but silky and light weight texture is the perfect combination, I have found my eye area of late beginning to become dryer and this will be my 'intense' eye cream at night. I have noticed that I have woken up looking fresher and my lack of sleep didn't appear as bad.

Key active ingredients  include:
* Sodium Hyaluronate - helps to improve hydration
* Polysaccharides extracted from Larch Trees - moisturises the eye area
* Jiaogulan - helps to enhance blood circulation and reduce puffiness
* Age defying Peptides help firm and tone the delicate eye area
* Extracts of Swiss Garden Cress - help create an even skin tone
It may be a small (and beautiful) glass jar but the formula is so rich that you only need the smallest amount, therefor you will find it will last much longer than others.
£48.00 for 20ml from Eve Lom - In Store next week

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