Monday, 7 May 2012

The one in which I just talk

Hi guys sorry for my lack of blog posts over the last 4 weeks, my health has been up and down recently and I've had a couple of procedures done. Luckily I finally know whats wrong which means I'm starting proper treatment, but I still have a few operations and other things ahead of me in the coming weeks. Even when I'm ill like this I do try to post at least once a week, so please stick with me for the next month or two. As you read this I most likely am still in hospital. These pictures where the last snaps I took and thought they would be a nice touch, as I don't think I really show my face that often on my blog. Silly me. Excuse my hair though it was still drying, but I really liked my brows and eye makeup that day. 

I've also been asked to do some more fashion/style related posts and videos, I think it's about time I delve into that part of the blogging world. Though I'm not the most exciting dresser, I like to be comfy and simple, so don't expect anything crazy haha. It will be nice to share my tries and fails in attempting to follow the fashion pack! Plus it's about time I actually use my tri-pod, the poor thing just sits in the corner. 

This week I am going to edit all the vlog and snippets that I have recorded on my Blackberry Playbook over the last month or so, I want to see whether the quality is any good and if it is then I shall pop it up on youtube. Which also means more quick videos from me, more daily vlogs etc, as I find myself so much more confident talking to that in public than I ever have with a camera (weird?).

See you soon!!


Lindsay Frances said...

Hope your on the road to recovery soon hun :-)

fashionista observer said...

i hope you get better asap!!! lots of love!

Anonymous said...

Sending love your way! (: xxx

gigglesandmakeup said...

Hope your back to health soon! Love your blog!

darling d said...

Hope you get better soon!