Monday, 9 February 2009


So as of last week i discovered the CHI haircare range, i purchased the Nouish Intense Silk Bath, Keratin Mist, 44 iron guard, silk infusion and enviro flex firm hold hairspray. Ive been using these every day, and tbh ive never seen my hair in such good condition my split ends are healed and my hair has gorgeous shine to it. Something i havent had since i went blonde.

Out of the products i have so far, my faves have to be the silk infusion and silk bath. I feel these are the two key products which have helped to repair my terribly damaged hair.

The hairspray is also extremely good, gives a really good firm hold but doesnt feel or look hard or crispy, it smells fresh and is easily brushed out if i wanna change my hair style.

Collectively i paid around £20.00 for everything as Sally's in the UK currently have a sale on which i took advantage of obviously :)

But im a CHI newbie, so if you have any recommendations let me know, i dont know what else i should be trying. Also is the flat iron worth a buy? Leave me a comment.


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