Thursday, 26 February 2009


I got my MAC and Clinique parcel today and spent a total of £15, i picked up 5 MAC e/s and a Clinique Brush Cleanser.

The reason i didnt get the MAC brush cleanser as i was told by a friend of mine who is a MA for MAC and she revealed the Clinique is the same formulation, except you get more, it has a pump and costs less !

Swatches are below :)






From left to right

Grain.. Shroom.. Mystery.. Twinks and on top is Typographic.


pinkicedcupcake said...

you only spent £15?

LMD__its love said...

yeah.. staff discount xx

pinkicedcupcake said...

lucky! lol

The Caramel Goddess said...

Oh, well it costs more here and they are the same size. Hmmmmm. I just got the mac one. I was thinking about that one but when I went to the mall but I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to get from Clinique. But you should dilute it, that's what the MAC MUAs do. So, it will last a while.