Friday, 27 February 2009

Review of Lavender Whip

This was requested by the lovely Becka, ive got a post on here for her blog go checkit out!

Shes asked me to do a review of MACs latest lilac lippie, which was released with the Cremeteam range.

So first of all what is nice is that you can either apply a little to get a lilac/nude lip -

Or you can really apply it to get a strong lip -

Part of the launch was glosses, and the corresponding cremesheen glass is Ever So Rich -

You can see if you compare the lipstick on its own and with the l/g there is almost no difference.

Lavender Whip reminds me slightly of Snob but with purple undertones, its a light pink undertoned lilac colour, with a very creamy finish, hence the cremesheen finish. I love this lippie, i love the colour and i love the finish its fab!

And the glosses arent very pigmented, and some people feel its a bit of waste of money, i prefer soft pigmentation.

l/s l/g

Colour - Pink/Blue undertoned lilac colour. 4/5
Pigmentation - Nicely buildable, you can do a nude lip with this or a strong block colour. 4/5
Long-wearing - Without gloss, just under 2 hours is my longest thats with primer on the lips, with gloss, under an hour. 3/5
Packaging - Standard MAC <3 4/5
Price - £11.26 3/5

18/ 25 Not bad i think the only bad thing is it can wear off a bit quick for my liking, but still i love the colour! :]

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Anonymous said...

you naughty girl!! you've sold me on this lippy :o it looks gorgeous on you just hope it looks as good on me as it does you!! thanks for doing this for me!! =) xx love ya babes xx