Monday, 2 February 2009

Fave 5 MAC items

So this little picture here hold the 5 MAC items i couldnt live without, and ill tell you why..

From left to right

- Concealer NW35, the best concealer ive ever tried it covers everything spots to dark circles, and on my good skin days i can get away with only this and no foundation! <3 I cant love without this.
- Baby Sparks Dazzle Glass, this was part of christmas present and i love to dab this over MAC's myth lipstick to give it a bit of sparkle and gloss..
- Bare Study P/p great e/s base, or lovely on its own with some liquid liner for a natural look.
- MAC Fafi Fashion Frenzy Blush, look at the colour how could anyone not LOVE this i wear it almost daily atm :)
- And finally MAC myth lipstick, my staple lipstick im pn my second already i love this soo much, i think everyone can wear this its about the moderation in which you apply it!


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