Friday, 6 February 2009

Thursday prt1

So i awoke at 4am to a blizzard of snow, and i freaked out as i needed to be at the airport by 5:15am! BMI assured me my flight was ok, and i set out. The scariest journey EVER my car was skidding all over the place, tears rolled down my face.. but i got there and it had calmed however the flight was horrible bumpy the seatbelt sign never went off lets put it that way.

Anyway, when i got to Edinburgh i met with my dad and had breakfast, then went to Harvery Nichols for some goodies.

MAC, my main focus was the cream team lippies, and i ended up getting Lavender Whip l/s, boy bait l/g and ever so rich l/g so not much but pale lavender lips are my new fave thing atm!

Then i popped over to Jenners got some more Clinique and fragrance stuff, lush, and superdrug for another haul.

Full haul, reviews coming soon

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