Friday, 27 February 2009

Shopping List 001

So this is a new regular post that im going to be doing at the start of each new month of all things on my shopping list, and when or if i get them ill cross them off. It will mainly be beauty and fashion items but other items may surface too.

You'll get to see what i buy plan on buying each month, and ill do hauls if and when i get the items. I write a shopping list simply to budget, it helps me look at how much i have to spend and what i NEED to buy then i add in the luxury items of things i WANT to buy, it also helps me by writing it down it gives me a chance to see everything and adjust things if i feel i dont really need it or helps me keep costs down too.

Since im starting my preps for going to uni and going on hols starting in June, im going to be more on a budget from now on, so im gonna be looking for necessity items. So MAC collections will have to have something special for me to splash out on!

Shopping List March:

Black Leggings PURCHASED
Chunky Slipper socks PURCHASED
Baggy Black Hoody


Cotton wool
Chi Silk Infusion

Now because im also going on trying during March ( i go roughly 3 times a year) ill have a separate list of items i want to get from the staff shop there are only 7 in the UK. So i tend to write a simple list really focusing on the WANT items :]

- MAC Blush Well Dressed and Prism PURCHASED
- MAC Due Adhesive PURCHASED
- MAC Pigment Dark Soul
- MAC Pink Plaid l/s
- MAC Please Me l/s
- x2 sets

Thats all for now i may update this, but i do tend to stray a little here and there but who doesnt?!

I would like to hear your suggestions for HK im still undecided yet!


Vicki.;// said...

you've got quite a lot and its only the third lol..i was trying to give up shopping for lent but then mac go and stick hello kitty slap bang in the middle dont they! have you decided on what you're gettin yet? i'm yet to decide..
love your blog by the way x

LMD__its love said...

Hey, haha i know i just cant help myself, and ive bought a load of barry m that i have to put up :( i need help LOL from HK i dont know yet but i put the post up of the other collections i want stuff from. Thank you for following