Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Bubble bath time♥

The past few days I have been indulging in Lush filled baths each night, with candles and a book - Currently reading Katie Price's book that I got for Christmas. As you can see I have a fair bit of Lush to get through, and my wonderful bf is picking me up some more when he comes to visit, he knows me very well! 

Bubble baths are the perfect way to relax.

I am after trying some new products from Lush as I have a habit of buying the same things over and over, so what Lush products do you love? Would you want to see some Lush reviews as well?


Jess said...

I have lots of Lush products to get through too, there's nothing better than a Lush bath and a good book. :)


LaaLaa Monroe said...

I'm a Lush freak too.

I love candles & a good book while in the bath & some music :o) xoxo

luce said...

I'm the same! Got so many Lush products for Christmas so excited to use them up! I love the baby bot and my all time favourite is Mrs Whippy which I'm sure you've already tried!
Which are your favourites? I'd love some recommendations!
Reviews are always a plus in my eyes so I vote yesyes!


sabrina said...

I haven't had a lush bath in forever! Really miss it :( I never bath at night always in the morning and mornign baths are never as relaxing :(

Must go to lush and pick a few things up. XX

GlamourMe said...

I love your bath's relaxing setting. I like Lush product too. Infact i went to the shop today to pick up some bubble bath things. The one i like they run out of and I could not get Snow Fairy shampoo too. :(
I decided to try different bubble bath melts and i will be writing a blog post about them very shortly.
You can check out my current Lush review on http://glamournme.blogspot.com/
Have fun with your Lush products! i would like to see a review about Snow Fairy, please. :)

Pearls&Politics said...

looks absolutely lovely!! where did you purchase the letters/ work for bath? I love it! :)