Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday session♥


♥ Found a load of family pictures I had forgot I had on a memory stick. Some made me laugh, some made me cry but each on made me remember something happy and everyone in them I love.

♥ Got my nails did! I am rubbish at nail art, my skills stop at a french manicure so I am currently in love with this feathery design on my now very pretty nails. They are actually a pre designed set I bought from ebay, I am so impressed with them. I will do a more in depth review this week.

♥ Became rather addicted to wotsits, no really I am now on a wotsit buying ban otherwise I would die from wotsit poisoning (yes I did make it up, but I am concerned it could happen....)

♥ Applied loads of skin cleansing, pore reducing, oil balancing, brightening face masks in my search to get rid of some horrid breakout that seemed to magically appear over night on my chin!

♥ Much on my graze box in a bid to kick my wotsit addiction. FYI loving these little things, you get some yummy treats to munch on and it is great to know it is totally healthy *thumbs up*

♥ Ebay led me to find two beautiful necklaces, which I shall share more pics and info in another post!

♥ I had a good week, finally put some plans into action and things are looking up for once. This meant lots of smiling, merrily singing and dancing like no one could see.. or at least I hope they didn't eek!

♥ The wonderful Camilla from Cliniques PR sent me some beautiful make up pieces to play with, I have thanked her already but I shall again.. Thank you :) She is one of the NICEST people in PR that I have come accross.

 ♥ Discovered some lovely bracelets at ASDA which I cannot remove from my wrist as they are far too pretty not to be worn.