Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Product rave ♥

I have tried a couple of products from the Naked range, their hair mask is one of my hair favourites. This is another product that comes out a big winner from the brand, the Melt Away Naked – Starflower Foam Bath. I had kinda had mixed feelings before trying this, being so 'natural' would it really create the towering bubbles in my bath that I adore? It certainly didn't create an over flowing amount of bubbles but certainly more than enough to quench my desire for a bubble bath. It also smells divine, with 100% pure essential flower oils it creates a wonderful relaxing aroma in the bathroom, all adding to a relaxing atmosphere to melt away all the stress. The main ingredient starflower is packed with GLA and essential fatty acid all helping your skin to combat signs of ageing and it helps to keep the moisture locked into my skin.

If you are looking for a bubble bath dream then get down to boots (or online) and grab yourself a lovely bottle. For only £3.99 you cant go wrong!

Naked products on line

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