Saturday, 15 January 2011

Inspiration to write♥

Hey everyone! If you have been living under a rock then you might not be aware how having a Filofax is the new trend that is wizzing about right now. I have had a pocket pink one for around 3 years but this year I have gone up a size and changed colour to purple. I believe it retails for £20 it will depend where you buy it. I find them so so useful enough room to keep your important dates, but also note paper, financial planning and more more more. Plus you can choose cute colours and patterns, with various sizes and prices to suit everyone.

The only little goodie is this fruity notebook retailing for £3 in Tesco, it is very similar to Cath Kidston style prints and I deffo need to get the other stationary in this range.

FOR SALE: As I have this new filofax I will be selling my pink pocket one, it is in brilliant condition so if you are interested just drop me an email OR a tweet!


Mio27 said...


The filofax you have is really nice! :D

How much are you selling your old pink one for and would I be able to see the picture so I can see the size etc pls?

Do you have an email address? Easier to write that way lol


MakeupLoveer said...

yeah the email address is on the side of my blog but its


Mio27 said...

Did you get my email btw? xx