Friday, 14 January 2011

Green & Spring - Refreshing Eye Cream ♥

Nothing long to say on this just short and sweet. I love this, it is amazing and has replaced my Clinique All About Eyes cream which I used for 2 years, so for me to switch shows how much I love this. Many eye creams have come and gone but none have sunk in so nicely leaving my eye area soft and hydrated. It has definitely made a difference in the appearance of my eye area, and has helped to shift my dark circles. 

It is a rich cream, what I've shown below is double what you really need, a lot goes a long way with this. Half a pump is more than plenty to do both of your eyes with.

Have browse for yourself, and check out their body lotions too I love them.

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Vintage Lady said...

It looks amazing. I understand because I always use and stop using eye creams, i had clinique, estee lauder, others others... and this one seems so natural and protecting and soothening. I thank you for the link and will see if they can ship to Spain. sometimes this doesn´t happen! Hugs