Monday, 8 August 2011

Feather My Locks ♥

I'm sure you will have all heard about the latest hair trending kicking about and to be honest I love it! Feather hair extensions are my new fave thing to do with my hair and with so many choices you can mix it up depending on what you are wearing.

These beauts are from and are called Black & White Ball, I kinda prefer these to the more vivacious colours that are out there at the moment. They look subtle against my blonde hair but with the black its still noticable.

The quality of the feathers is really nice, soft, not too fluffy and thin! I love the thinner feathers like the Feather My Locks, as they blend in a nicer way and look better I personally think.

To apply them you basicall thread a small piece of your hair through the metal loop and with pliers clamp the loop together. I have found you do need a few attempts to judge how much hair etc to thread through in order  to keep it secure, but still easy enough to do. Then again to remove it you simply use the pliers to loosen the micro loop.

A little snap of the feathers in my hair:

Stunning Hair and Beauty pride themselves on the beautiful packaging of their products, I was to excited to keep the tissue paper looking new but rest assured it came wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon. The attention to detail with it was so lovely to see, as so many times I have had different things just chucked into a box. 

My only negative was that they did wrap the feathers a little too tight and as you can see they were bent. I was a little gutted as I had to snip that part off as it kept peaking out from my hair which irritated me a little bit.

Over all I love my Feather my locks, you can buy them here for £15


lucy duckett said...

OOOH I want!! xx

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