Friday, 26 August 2011

My handbag must haves ♥

Since I'm a aworking girl and all now, I thought it might be good to share with you the products that I carry about with out fail, just cosmetic stuff this time, I will do a full whats in my bag video this weekend (fingers crossed!). I think it is essential to have mini products in your handbag to keep you looking your best through out the day, I don't need to carry much makeup around, I carry products that maintain what I put on or did in the morning. 
- Mini Jimmy Choo perfume, carrying about a massive bottle of perfume can be annoying and heavy so I always try to carry a mini version on whatever I have. You can get a sample from most counters or perfume shops.
- Charles Worthington Dry Shampoo, not the best dry shampoo ever but it was the only mini one I could see in boots. Normally I have a lot of volume going on so this just helps to add some oomph if it falls during the day and for hot days its fab to keep your hair looking fresh.
- Eco tools mini brushes, as you can see I have a rather dark lippie in there so I use these to apply lipstick, concealer (not pictured here but it's Laura Mercier secret cover) and for re-smuding eye liner.
- Caudalie Beauty Elixir Mini, anyone who knows me will know that beauty sprays are an addiction of mine I must have 7 or 8 on the go right now but this bad boy is my handbag one as it is the perfect size and gives your skin a refreshing glow. All whilst keeping my makeup look flawless. I love it. You can buy Caudalie from John Lewis.

- L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream, this was give to me at a PR event recently as the PR was extremely shocked I had never tried the hand cream before. She was right I needed this in my life I love this, this is the handbag size but since using this I have purchased the full size tube - which is huge btw! I haven't used any other brand of handcream since this was introduced. You can get L'Occitane from Debenhams.
- Sweet Breath, I cannot stand smelly breath and this hand little chap attaches onto my keyring nicely so I will never be kept off card. On nights out I carry the bigger version but for just chucking in my handbag this is great.

- New CID lipstick, my new fave lipsticks right now are these two, Dusk is a new shade they have just released and Very Cherry is the prettiest deep blood red ever. I tend to carry two lipsticks one for day and one for night/special occassions. You get get it online at or from QVC.

What are your must have handbag mini's? Let me know in the comments.. 


Anonymous said...

I always carry around hand cream because I cannot stand having dry hands! I have a lipstick in my bag too. I need to carry around a little refresher spray because my make-up does get a little bit slippy later in the day.

monique said...

love, love, love, Caudalie Beauty Elixir! in my bag i carry a pouch full of essentials including, but not limited to, hand cream or lotion, many lippies-- currently in love with Korres glosses and am always a fan of Clinique Superbalm-- breathsavers, concealer, a couple of liners, MAC Blotting powder, philosophy Unconditional Love mini fragrance spray and a couple of makeup brushes.

fab post! :)