Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Samantha Lou Bracelets ♥

Hello lovely people, this is just a quick post today as I'm on my lunch break but I wanted to share these really pretty friendship style bracelets by Samantha Lou. If you have followed for a while you will know that I love to stack bracelets, friendship or thin bracelets are key for me. So when I was introduced to these I knew they would be a perfect addition.
They come beautifully wrapped in a little bag to keep them safe, which is always a far nicer touch than just shoved in an envelope. I just love how delicate they are, they are handmade so you know thought and time has gone into each one. When possible I always like to support small designers rather than just pick something generic out of Primark or such a shop. It's nice to know that not many people will have one :)

The quality is really good, sturdy and very well made. Unlike another shop bought brand that is now falling apart after only a couple of days wear. I don't think this will be leaving my wrist for a while, it is the perfect subtle addition to anyone who likes delicate bracelets.

Prices start at £18 from
Or you can buy them HERE

p.s how nice is the illustration at the top?! I love it!


Isobel said...

Brilliant- Friends bday present sorted!! thanks xxx

Paperbacks and Postcards said...

This is so cute! Definitely checking out the website :)

Anonymous said...

There soooo nice x x

Emma said...

So cute, I'm heading over to have a look now!