Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mummy MakeupLoveer Talk Liz Earle Superskin and Clarins Daily Energizer♥

Hey guys you may know that every so often Mummy MakeupLoveer does some posts for me, this time she was trying out some moisturizers from Liz Earle and Clarins. Hope you enjoy her post, let me know what she should try out next! Away you go Mummy MakeupLoveer....

So recently, Louise asked me to try some products she had been sent for the more 'mature' skin. Cheeky mare - doesn't she know I'm only 24?
She gave me Clarins Daily Energizer Cream and Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser & Superskin Concentrate. So I thought I would try each in turn and let her know how I got on. First , I should point out that in the past I haven't always looked after my skin as well as I should, plus I also suffer from rosacea with visible veins and I go red at the slightest stress.
So I started with the Liz Earle, The moisturiser has a not unpleasant fragrance but not the best either, but having used essential oils for years I got over it fast. The cream is quite thick, and on  my very dry skin does need some work to make sure it is absorbed properly before any make up goes on. However, having said that my face felt wonderful within a few days of starting to use the cream. I gave my skin some time to see if it reacted to the new cream before  I started to use the concentrate at night, its the dinkiest little roller ball applicator - great idea. Lou tells me I was using too much. I don't care, because my face never felt so pampered!!! I can honestly say I had no reaction to either product which is unheard of almost with my skin. My redness didn't seem so bad either...... but will reserve judgement on that as I was on a bit of a health kick too.

 A few weeks later, I started to use the Clarins Cream instead. This is a much light cream with a much more pleasant fragrance and was absorbed very easily into my skin. I used this for about 3 weeks to give it a chance - and yes my skin did feel better than it had a few months before but it just had something missing that I had with the Liz Earle product. I'd still recommend the Clarins product, and I know a close friend of mine swears by it. I just think I was spoiled by the extra feel good factor from Liz Earle.
Value for money? Well there is a big gap in cost. I would be happy to pay the money for either product, depending on how flush I was feeling after payday!! My next purchase though will definately be the Liz Earle Superskin Eye & Lip Treatment - will let you know how I get on

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