Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My NARS Blusher Collection ♥

Ok so I do have a problem with NARS its the only other brand that rivals my MAC collection, but their blushers are my first love. I bought my first one 3 years ago after my first pay day and it has been a pricey relationship ever since. I thought it might be nice to share them with you so you can see the ones I have, I have sold a few recently purely as they werent getting the same love. You can never have too many blushers as far as I'm concerned, I do have my eye on two more NARS blushers but you can stayed tuned to see those when I sneakily buy them next week ;)

Super Orgasm


Gueule de Nuit





Orgasm & Angelike Duo

NARS blushes for me are better than a lot of other brands as you get a better quality product, the pigmentation is stronger, it doesn't fade away to quickly and the colour selection is top notch - not the most extensive but colours that are universally flattering. Now this post would not be complete without a mention of Laguna bronzer, one of my all time fave bronzers that I have re-purchased 4 times now and have already got another waiting as as you can see this one only has a matter on time left sadly.

I will be updating this with swatches of each but for some reason blogger wouldn't upload that photo, silly blogger. So there you go that's my little stash of NARS blushers, I'd love to know your fave NARS blusher(s), leave it in the comments.


Charlotte's Obsessions said...

Louise you need Deepthroat in your life! It is seriously my all time favourite blush! I love the look of madly, may have to purchase very soon x

lucy duckett said...

Got enough Nars blushers?? lol, lots of my faves in there! Very good taste obviously! xx

Lovelain94 said...

That's a great collection, I'm VERY jealous! I really want to try a Nars blush but there are so many to choose from I wouldn't know what to start with, any suggestions? :) xx

Sandra said...

I loooove Nars blushes as well!

I own Luster (got it recently through a blog sale), Orgams (first Nars blush) and Nico, which is amazing when I do a smokey eye (Im quite pale, so it shows up).

Lily said...

never tried nars blushes but they look uber pretty :)

laurenrmilor said...

love the look of the Orgasm & Angelike duo, might be worth a purchase!

Emma said...

When I said 'my shopping list is going to be huge now' I really meant it. Laguna bronzer is top of the list it looks amazing!

Charlotte said...

I am actually having to stop myself from ordering those NARS blushes right now! They all look so gorgeous, I need them in my life haha! x