Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Cupcakes and marshmallows

It was one of my best friends birthdays this week, I cooked her a lovely romantic meal (I was cooking for 4 hours!!!) and then for an extra treat I tried my hand at baking to whip up some red velvet cupcakes. They turned out very, very yummy. Although a couple were used in a mini food fight haha. Normally I don't bake but I really enjoyed making these, I'm gonna try my hand at baking some more.
Please excuse all the dishes and pots in the background of this picture, but like I said I cooked a meal for 4 and that meant the kitchen was like a bomb had hit by the time I had finished. It was worth it.


Claire said...

Wow, cupcakes + marshmallows = heaven for me they look so yummy :) I will definitely have to make my own.

Lauren said...

The cupcakes look delicious! xx

Anonymous said...

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Thank you!
Regards Karin