Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Styling with Babyliss PRO 230 Elegance

Hope you enjoyed my video guys, the straightener really is great and such good value too. You can see how easy and quick it was to straighten my hair, from wavy to straight in just a few minutes, with added shine. So to win one for yourself all you need to do is leave a comment below telling me your name, email address and why you deserve to win one. If you are under 16 please get your parents permission, and this is open to everyone.

Happy styling guys!

This was a sponsored giveaway from Handpicked Media on behalf of Babyliss


Fiona Jane Ross said...

I would LOVE to win this! :D

Email -

I think I deserve to win this because I really lack confidence when it comes to styling my hair and I think these straighteners would help me learn to love my hair again. :D Plus the little pouch is super cute!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Im Laura and I follow with GFC- Miss Laura xx

i deserve to win one of these because my ghd's just broke and these look fabulous :)

Lovely giveaway :) xx

Miss Holly said...

This look great i would love to be a chance of winning them straighteners..

GFC: Miss Holly

I think i deserve to win because i had actually asked for this as a birthday gift from my mum but didn't end up getting it :( - (mum says i don't need one, and they are a 'waste of money') but i realllyyy do need this in my life!

Thank you for this giveaway!

glittermeup said...

GFC: Glittermeup
Name : Elpitha Efthimiadou

I think i deserve to win this because i am a beauty blogger and would really love to review this as well :) xo

Cat said...

I deserve to win one so I can try to look as beautiful as you do in this video!!


Christina said...



I'd love to win as I could never justify paying this amount for straightners but my hair could bloody well use them. It's a frizzy mess.

Love your blog! Congrats to whoever wins : )

EllysMakeupbag said...

I don't know if i "deserve" anything, but the truth is i straighten my hair every 2 days since it's curly and i always wanted to try a Babyliss straightner.

Nicola Cunningham said...

Hey hun! My names Nicola, my email is:

I think I deserve to win because I am very hard up stundent and currently have no straigtners because my old ones died on me :( I rely on mousse to scrunch my hair atm cause my hair is so thick and frizzy and wont stay kind of half straight lol Would be very thankful if you could help me have straight hair again :D I love the fact they come with a cute pouch too!

Thanks for having this giveaway Mwah <3

AngieCanfield said...

Hi I'm Angelina!

I believe I deserve to win because I wanna start doing tutorials too just like you but I'm having trouble getting supplies because I don't have a job :/ I think winning this straightener will help towards my first video! and I'm looking to go beauty school after I graduate high school (senior).

Thanks for having this giveaway! I can't wait to see the results. xoxo

Anonymous said...

My name is SenLLy
My email is
I think I deserve to win because I need a straightener that can do the work quick, with a newborn I don't have the time so anything that can help me get ready quicker would be great!

KLEE said...

i deserve to win coz im awesome FAAAANKS! YOU KNOWS MY EMAIL!XX

Hayley said...

Amazing giveaway! i follow via GFC as hayley and on twitter (@campbell_hayley)

I would like to win these because my hair is a nightmare this season and I need to look gorgeous for the Christmas parties!

Thanks x

sk said...

Hi, I follow you on Twitter @soffiek and my email is - my straighteners are broken and I've been walking around with giant hair for four months. I'd really like to get glammed up for the new year and wow people with my new shiny hair Xx

Unknown said...


Thanks for giveaway!

Would love to win to try and tame my thick/wavy hair.
Twitter: @msjustlee

Thanks, get well and Happy Christmas x

Victoria said...


Thanks for the giveaway!
I'd love to win this as my previous straigtners broke and I've been using some rubbish travel ones I got in a travel pack, so these would be amazing!
I follow with GFC - Victoria

Mia said...

Just found your videos, love them, I have a babyliss curling wand I really love, it's a great product and if you don't have one I'd recommend trying it =), I'd love to win as I'd love to try the straightners out and your hair looks great, love the styling tip on flicking them out.

my email is

thanks x

I have lots of videos to look through this evening now xxx

trailsofapaperheart. said...

I don't actually think I deserve to win these but I would like the chance to win them.

I lack in confidence when it comes to doing my hair, usually just running my straightner though my hair is pretty much all I do with it. It lacks in volume and is pretty much flat that I tend to mostly stick it in a bobble and that's me. These straightners and with your wee tutorial it would help to try and bring the volume back into my hair along with it being sleek and shiny as you said and maybe I would wear my hair in a style other that tied back.

stace @


Gwawr Williams said...

I would love to win these because I have really thick curly hair which I hate and my ghds just broke, and i don't have any money to buy new ones at the moment. These look amazing and have restored my faith in other straighteners except for ghds after watching your video :D xxx

ilovekandeejohnson said...

Hey my name is laura and I think I deserve to win this giveaway because for the last couple of years I have had the worst years ever in my life, I lost my older sister to cancer and she was only 13 and I love babyliss products so that is why I think I deserve to win the giveaway.
My email address is
Thank you. I hope you are feelin better now as I know you have been I'll for a couple of months and I hope you get better soon xxx :) my life will neve be the same again

RachelAnn said...

My name is Rachel.

I would lovee to win this because my straitener recently broke. I had this one for about a year annd a half and paid a pretty good price for it. But i recently had to quit my job and have no money to spare to buy a new one since its the holidays! I would love to get this as a present for the holidays!!

PGHlina677 said...

I would really love a chance to win this straightner, it does look really good & did such a wonderful job on ur hair when u reviewed it, love it! Thanks! xx

LeslieB83 said...

This straightener seems really great! I'd love to try it!

LeslieB83 said...

This straightener looks really great! I'd love to try it! I have fine, flat hair, and I'm pretty bad at styling it! I need all the help I can get!! Haha!

Tricia said...

My hair is super curly and I using a straightener like this would make my hair look more healthy than when I use my cheapo straigtener I'm suffering with now!

<3 Thanks!

Sherrie said...

Great video, i love how neat and slim line these are.

I think I deserve to win because I have such thick hair and find that a lot of hair straighteners don't straighten my hair that well. I end up getting such arm ache after going through my hair twice! Oh and it's my birthday on Wednesday!! :)

Sherrie x

Arabella said...

I absolutely do not deserve these, they look fabulously sleek and professional, two attributes I aspire to. Also, either the other entrants have a penchant for the odd photo-retouch or they are all incredibly young and beautiful. My only hope is the old saying, age before.... ;-)
@UtterlyBumpty ArabellaBazley at Gmail dot com. Kind regards.

olivia said...

Hiyaa, by the way you hair looks amazing:D
I think i deserve to win because my hair is like extremely thick and it heats up quicker than my other one.

thank you

PeastaNana said...


I think I deserve to win this because I rarely find a straightener I like and thee straightener I have is on thee verge of dying :( lol

BlissChiQ said...

Email -

Thank you so so much for doing this awesome giveaway , I would love to win,because it seems to be a really nice quality and the Babyliss products are great also ive bought SO many other ones and they always break or never keep my hair straight.