Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Under my tree..

I'd like to see..

Ok, so I do already own these items but if I were writing a Christmas wish list then these would certainly be on there. This year my family and friends had a tough job, according to them it has been a case of 'what do you buy someone who has everything?!' and I kinda agree I have been stuck trying to think of suggesting for them. I thought this would be a nice post to do, sharing with you things I think would be nice to unwrap on Christmas morning.. if I didn't already own them.. does that make sense? Lol.

Elemis - The Jewels of Elemis
At Christmas it's always nice to be treated to some skincare/body care, I think this set by Elemis is perfect to treat someone special. It has everything you need for a great skincare routine, packaged really nicely and is certainly luxurious, if this was under my tree I would certainly feel like a very lucky girl. Elemis is a fabulous brand I adore their moisturisers, this is their pro-collagen range which is perhaps not the perfect fit for my skin (and age) but my skin definitely feels fabulous right now.
RRP £193.00 Buy it on-line at Time to Spa

Fluffy Jumpers - From a boutique where I live
You can buy knitwear like this everywhere right now, I am living in these jumpers I have a few in different colours. They are soft, snugly and look very chic, I have been pairing it with leggings/jeans and  my uggs since the weather has gotten a lot colder. I think most people get some sort of 'Christmas Jumper', this is my version - no giant snowmen here. 
RRP £39.50 from Dynamite in Marlow

Juicy Couture Travel Perfume
Most people I think get a lovely perfume for Christmas, I think the Juicy Couture Travel perfumes are the perfect extra little treat for anyone. Viva La Juicy and Juicy Couture are two of my most worn scents but the bottle are rather heavy so these are perfect and handbag friendly, so I can smell sweet on the go. A fun treat for an Juicy fan!
RRP £36 - Couldn't find an on-line stockist

Boots Smooth Skin Plus
This is the most expensive gift suggestion I will be making this year for you guys but I couldn't not mention the Boots Smooth Skin as I am a huge fan of this gadget. I have been using Smooth Skin since it first launched and I have been using the newer machine for about 3 weeks now (video review coming soon!). We all know how annoying shaving is, how painful waxing can be and of course the long term cost of both can be quite a lot. Since using the Smooth Skin the time in between my hair removal is amazing, going from having to shave every few days to now having weeks gap. If you REALLY want to spoil someone you love then I think this makes a special treat for any woman (or guy!), just make sure they don't think you are saying they really hairy!
RRP £399.99 You can buy it on-line at Boots

Bobbi Brown Palettes
Bobbi Brown have some gorgeous palettes this winter, this is the Anniversary Lip Palette (I think this is sold out on-line?) and the Classic To Go palette, both are just stunning. I think as girls we all get some form of cosmetics for Christmas, I certainly pointed people to the Bobbi Brown site and suggest the same if you are looking for a last minute treat. I recently showed you the party eye shadow palettes which are also really pretty but honestly I think we would all smile if we unwrapped any of them this Christmas.
You can purchase both on-line or at any Bobbi Brown counter

This is easy, what girl wouldn't love to see a little blue box on Christmas morning?! I have been quite lucky and have received little blue boxes at Christmas, always with beautiful pieces of jewelry inside. My parents got me this key 2 years ago and it still remains a firm favourite of mine, I think a lot of Tiffany jewelry can be timeless if picked correctly.

Jonathan Ward Kartushya Candle
A good winter candle is always welcome at Christmas, I think the Jonathan Ward Russia candle collection is perfect for a winter scent - in fact this is burning away as I type. Being a big candle lover I always receive candles at Christmas, especially with all the lovely special edition scents brands release at Christmas.
RRP £25-35 you can buy it on-line at Jonathan Ward
Hopefully you enjoyed this post I thought it would be a little different to just showing you Christmas gift sets, I wanted to make it a little more personal and show you the sorts of things I receive at Christmas. I hope Santa brings you all the things you love on Christmas morning. 

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