Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New Revlon Scent Nail Enamels SS12

Revlon have launched five new colours to the scented nail enamels, the shades are bright fun colours for spring summer but don't be fooled they actually apply sheer - like a jelly polish. You can build the colours up to the desired finish, I personally think they actually look nice with one coat, think a sheer wash of colour like a tinted lip balm. There is glitter in all the shades but it isn't the in your face kind of glitter, because the glitter is the same colour as the polish it seems to look subtle. The 5 colours seen above are: Pink - Grapefruit Fizz, Purple - Grape Fizz, Red - Watermelon, Yellow - Pineapple and Orange - Orange, they do have a few other shades from this range in more everyday friendly colours, nudes, peaches and pastels so you will find a colour that suits your style. As for the scent, it doesn't last forever but it does linger for about 20 minutes and they don't smell bad but you can still smell the traditional nail polish scent in there! Right now I have one coat of the pink on my fingers and 3 coats of the yellow on my toes. 

£6.49 from Boots or Superdrug

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Lauren Baker said...

I think these are great for layering! I agree, the scents don't last long at all, plus you look a bit silly walking around sniffing your fingers. ;) xx