Monday, 12 March 2012

Rodial Glam Balm Lip

My name is Louise and I have a slight obsession with lip balms, right now Rodial's Glam Balm Lip is my favourite. It is a thoroughly hydrating and intensive lip balm, that will rid your pretty pout of any dry skin and leave your lips very soft. Over the last couple of weeks it has really had a tough job, the flu left my lips in horrible condition, the worst ever I believe but it was no hard task for Rodials Glam Balm Lip. With key ingrediants of Rose Wax, Shea Butter that nourish & soothe the skin and Vitamin E that helps to protect against environmental damage (something a lot of people forget in skincare -lips are important!) After using this religiously for 2 days, the thick rich formula made my lips feel supple and moisturised, completely rid of any dry skin. Impressive. This certainly lives up to the claims of plumping and repairing the lip area, "inject volume and fill in fine lines, smoothing imperfections for a flawless appearance" and like I said after only a couple of days of use the difference was definitely noticeable. With a subtle rose scent Rodial really is ticking all the right buttons here. The sleek pot looks very pretty set out, I really like the frosty pink with the silver lid, good packaging makes all the difference in my opinion. Now £19.00 might seem a little pricey for a lip balm but I've found that spending a little more does make a huge difference in the quality and particularly in the time it takes for the product to work. For me this is something I will be repurchasing, not for a while though as I've barely made a dent in the pot thanks to the rich formula. Great value for money!

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ohhh this looks really good!

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