Friday, 23 March 2012

Orla Kiely Candle Set

Next up in my candle series are the travel candles from Orla Kiely, they are gorgeous. I first came across the Orla Kiely brand whilst working at beauty PR company and fell in love with the perfume, so I was rather excited when I found out there were candles with the same scents. There are three lovely frosted glass candles in Fig Tree - Which is a light and fresh citrus scent, with lavender and a hearty woody base of amber creating a deep and uplifting aroma, Sage and Cassis -With green sage and fruity red cassis this is a rich scent but the subtle spearmint calms the scent to make it more feminine and soft, it will certainly help you unwind , Basil and Mint - This is much more energising scent with crisp citrus notes and refreshing mint, with a rich woody base it creates a lovely 'summer's day' feel. All with her famous prints of 'the abacus flower', 'spot stem' and 'flower stem', I do love the Orla Kiely prints they are feminine and classic.

£20.00 for the set
Available from John Lewis and


TwoSistersOneObsession said...

These look lovely! Love your set up with the candles together with the fairy lights -so pretty!

Ashlie x

Me - said...

I love these. They are so cute. Great photo to :)