Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Lip combo of the week & Rituals Review ♥

I haven't done a lip combo of the week in about a month (I think) so it was about time for another and this is the combo I have been loving a lot recently. It was pointed out to me recently that Rituals actually do makeup, I thought they just were skin/body so I was pleasantly surprised and eager to try out a lipstick. This is one of the cream and care lipsticks in La vie en rose, which is just the prettiest natural pink and provides a nice boost of hydration to your lips. It gives a good amount of colour, I'd say the formula is borderline on the sheer side, the perfect balance for summer.  

The other product is MAC tinted lip conditioner, I don't know the name as the label has come off, I want to say fuchsia - let me know below! I just add this for a slightly glossier finish, right now I'm loving gloss but on the really hot days I can't bare a gloss so this still gives me my shine fix.


Ashley said...

the lipstick is a really lovely colour

Brown Sugar said...

Good combo xoxox

shanice said...

That combo is gorgeous!x