Sunday, 17 July 2011

Skincare focus - hands & feet ♥

Hey guys this post shouldve gone up friday but blogger has been playing up again! I'm sure im not the only one getting annoyed with this, I've lost 3 posts in the last week and I have no idea why! Anyway on with this post...

I've been focusing a lot on my skincare routine recently, really trying to get into a good routine with both my face and body but I was neglecting my hands and feet. Two areas that really should get a lot more attention than I already give them. Let's face it our hands do all the work and our poor feet have to put up with towering high heels.

So I was super happy when these two products came through my letterbox, they couldn't have appeared at a better time as I was trying to sift through the endless different lotions and potions out there. It is hard to narrow it down.

What did I think ? Both were really quick to sink into my skin and left my hands & feet silky smooth. I've used them every day for over a week now and have easily fitted them into my current routine. I carry both in my handbag so that at work or if I'm out I can easily apply them. Eucerin hand cream and foot cream's are fragrance and colourant free, and after one application I definitely saw a difference in the texture of my skin, a lot smoother. 

I have to saw the biggest thing I noticed for me was using the hand cream, my skin can get painfully dry and 'stiff' because they get so dry, since using the Eucerin hand cream I haven't had the same trouble. The first sign of dryness I whip the tube out and massage in the hydrating lotion and everything is sorted. 

Packaging? I like it, very clinical/medical the sort of thing you pick up already knowing it is going to work and you feel confident in your purchase. Don't get me wrong if it were pink I'd probably love it 200% more but not everyone loves pink like I do  :P 

Price? Around £7.00 depending where you buy it from, and I think worth it. Considering I was paying double that before from a brand that was doing nothing. I am happy to have been introduced to Eucerin. 

Will I repurchase? Of course, and I recommend you pick up at least the hand cream. 

*This was a sponsored post of behalf of Eucerin

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