Monday, 4 July 2011

Talking skin with Paula Begoun ♥

I had the absolute delight of meeting Paula Begoun, from the Paula's Choice brand, she had flew over for various press events and I was lucky to be invited along. It was a pleasure to hear her talk about all things beauty and skin, listening to Paula share some of her infinite wisdom about it all was really interesting. 

Picture thanks to Katie

She spoke about her 5 key points that she believes everyone needs to know -
♥  Never buy products that are in a jar/pot - Basically the minute you open the product air gets in and the ingredients immediately start to break down and lose their ability to work in the way the company market them. It is also unhygienic to be sticking your fingers in and out, as Paula said "no matter how clean you think your fingers, there are always some bacteria lurking on them". The best thing to go for is to buy products that are in a pump container that is air tight.
♥ Expensive doesn't always mean better - Something I agree totally with, just because your paying a small fortune for something doesn't mean it will work better than something cheaper.
♥ You don't need an eye cream - Despite what brands tell us Paula said there is no need to be using a separate cream around your eyes, what you really need is a fantastic moisturizer with brilliant ingredients that all your face can benefit from. There is in-fact no scientific proof that suggests the skin around your eyes need a separate formula. 
♥ Sunscreen! - Paula stressed this very strongly, as the most important thing in your skincare routine. Something you need to wear 365 days a year no matter where you are or what the weather is doing you need to wear an SPF. 
♥ There is no 'miracle' ingredient - Don't listen to all the crap that brands tell you. There is no skin saving miracle ingredient, end of, full stop, nada! There really isn't. Something I am always guilty of being sucked in by, but not anymore.

Now whilst I may not agree with everything Paula said, it was certainly extremely interesting and informative. However she did open my eyes a little more and really me think about things and question what I thought I knew. 

She was so lovely and friendly, the evening was very relaxed like a group of girlfriends chatting all things beauty over a nice glass of wine. We were lucky enough to be given a copy of her latest book, "Don't go to the cosmetic counter without me!" I have been reading it since I got it, and Paula has some really interesting and balanced things to say about a wide range of cosmetic products. It is refreshing to read something that is open and honest, Paula is very outspoken and is certainly not afraid to say what she truly thinks. The utter truth regardless what the brand will say. 

Let me know if you have tried any Paula's Choice products, I really want to try some after meeting the wonderful lady herself!

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