Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Naturally Glossy for Summer... ♥

Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara is perfect for the summer months...

With super sleek, shiny packaging and a simple, classy 'C' on top of the lid this mascara looks great.

It's long lasting, doesn't flake or crumble in the heat, doesn't run, has no odour and is easy to build up.

1 coat = super natural shiny lashes that look like they've been tinted.
2 coats = as above, but with added length and definition.
3 coats = long, full, ultra black lashes that are glossy and soft but still look natural. No 'spider lashes' here!

The brush:

How I've been wearing it:

^oops! Sorry about the little splodge!

In these photos I haven't curled my lashes at all, proving that this mascara really does 'lift and seperate' as Clinique claim!

I'd definitely recommend this for summer wear, I've been wearing it every day for weeks!

You can buy it here for £15 ♥


ps - I'm really sorry that the photos haven't turned themselves around! Silly computer :(


shanice said...

Woah I really thought you'd curled your eyelashes!z

Mary said...

Hi :):):) I have a question.Can you film a "what's in my bag" video fro your YouTube channel? It would be so nice.

Cat said...

shanice - no i didn't! its really curling and lovely :)

Shortiee31 said...

I love Clinique mascaras!