Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Origins Super Spot Remover

Origins Super Spot Remover £12.00 from Origins counter or online here!

This was sent to me last year, for months I thought I had lost it and 4 months ago I found it hiding at the bottom of a handbag. With a tiny blue bottle containing only 10ml, you might think this won't last very long but this has been a staple for atleast 5 months and I'm not even half way through. Origins Super Spot Remover is the perfect treatment for any unsightly breakouts you have. For me I tend to get them around that time of the month, or if I have a infection in my kidneys. Over the years I have tried many many spot creams and gels, but none were ever repurchased as they didn't perform as well as this has for me. This fights the spots, heals the skin and aids fading of scarring. They have included salicylic acid to instantly soothe and heal the area, caffeine and red algae for relieving redness (I hate nasty big red spots) as well as ingredients to help exfoliate the skin to keep pores nice and clear. 

Whenever a pesky spot pops up I immediately pop a tiny amount on the whole area, then repeat every morning and night until it disappears. Normally it takes 1-3 days depending on how bad the breakout is, but the earlier I catch it the sooner it goes. The gel formula is cooling, it also doesn't dry the skin out like some brands can, however it does make it feel a little tight on some parts of the face so I always like to apply my face cream over. 

If you are looking for a product that will clear your skin fast when spots appear, then I can suggest this enough! You might feel the price is a little much for the amount you are getting but with skincare I am a big believer of quality or quantity, plus since you need such a small amount this really does last forever (like I said mine is still going 5 months later).

What products have you found that really work to get rid of breakouts? 

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