Sunday, 4 July 2010

Barbie lips with Elizabeth Arden♥

♥Elizabeth Arden - Pink Vibrations♥

Just a quick post featuring one of my all time favourite lipsticks, Elizabeth Arden - Pink vibrations. I first fell in love with this whist working for Clinique, Zoe on another counter wore this effortlessly with a tan almost daily, and I parted with my pennies after 2 weeks of admiring the sheer brightness of this pink.

Out of all my pink lipsticks, it is the brightest pink and so creamy. This is also the only bright colour I can wear and not feel the tiniest bit unsure, it look's fabulous with a tan. That's the key to pulling this lipstick off I think, you need a bronzed glowy tan (Xen-Tan!) to really make this pop.



Peachypops said...

Oh wow, I love it!
The finish on the lips is gorgeous, I love how shiny it is :)
I might just have to go and get this, haha!

AimeeMwahh x said...

ooo ii think i'm going to have to pick this up, it looks amazing x