Monday, 19 July 2010

Clinique Bronzer♥

This has been overdue for a while now, I bought this bronzer after my Clinique training as I fell in love with it.  The shade is light/medium as at the time my skin was rather pale, however this has become one of my favourite face powders as it is the perfect colour, isn't shimmery and doesn't leave me oily.

Each bronzer has two shades, a darker one and a lighter one, that you can use separately or mix together. I find they work much better when you mix both shades.

It comes in two shades, light/medium & medium/dark, but in my opinion the difference between the two isn't a great one. Like I said this is a great bronzer because it gives more of a satin finish, the shimmer particles are very finally milled into the powder. It was a great bronzer when I was paler, really lifted my complexion and gave me a lovely glow. Which is why I use it now, but as a face powder because I love the light from within glow it gives to my skin.

♥Swatches below♥
The darker shade above;
The lighter below.

The packaging is nice too, a lovely bronzed  colour, with a decent mirror inside and then there's the hidden compartment for the brush they provide with it. I don't use the brush as it is a little crap tbh, but I suppose it might be useful for touch up's if your out and about.

Overall it is a good product, definitely better suited to those who are scared to get into bronzer, this is a good stepping stone in. I don't think this is one I'll repurchase whilst I have a tan, but when I'm paler I will, so far this has lasted me over a year. 


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nicoletta said...

I got this bronzer in a mini size and agree it is lovely and really natural x