Wednesday, 14 July 2010


After you guys telling me I had to try some 17 Nail Polish I headed to boots and picked out this baby pink colour. It was a little streaky, this is 3 coats, but the creamy finish is lovely and it has plenty of shine too!

Such a pretty pink, very girlie, very barbie! So naturally I love it! What other colours are fab?

It was relatively cheap too, around £3.49 I think (don't quote me however). I shall be picking a few more colours up this week.

The nails are by Nailene from their 200 nail kit.



Charlotte said...

Lovely nails :).
I tried this polish, but found it was too hard to work with, definitely other brands that have a similiar shade that is easier to use.

Jenny ♥ said...

Ahh its such a pretty colour. Such a shame its so hard to apply =/ ♥

Kat O said...

It may have taken a few coats but the final effect is gorgeous, I love the colour :)
Kat x Click&Make-Up!

Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

FAIRY CAKE!!! sooo cute love the name!

Charlotte said...

That is a beautiful colour, i really like No17 Lasting fix nail polish in Parma Violet xx

3ate4 said...

Lovely colour