Friday, 9 July 2010


Une is a brand I have read about on-line from other Beauty Blogger's but didn't seem to have access to the brand in any of my local stores :( However in a brief trip into boots there were a few items in the sale section, only 2 items stood out to me. The Glimmer Eyes Pencil - G02 & Glimmer Eyes Shadow - G03.

♥Cream to powder eye-shadow♥
To be honest it was the colour of this that made me buy it, I didn't hope for much from it, and I was correct. Very pretty shimmer pale pink however pay-off isn't great, to get a decent finish you really have to pile it on. 

♥Glimmer Eye pencil♥
This was a colour I had read about from other blogger's, mixed reviews on this too, I love the colour and the subtle glitter in the pencil however it is the colour of my skin and fades in, so there is little use for this :(

I tried this under my eye, might be nice with a neutral eye so I will give it a go tomorrow, and on the water line - well it was pants!

♥Swatches Below♥

Have you tried anything from Une?


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