Tuesday, 27 July 2010


As you all know I love love loveee Nailene, and this is my latest nail look. Using Nailene's 200 Full Cover Nail Pack. These false nails are a personal favourite of mine, something I have re-purchased countless times. Currently in my nail polish box I have 2 other unopened boxes for when I run out! A little bit obsessed :)

Sleek MakeUP - Turquoise

Eyeko - Lilac 

The box contains 200 nails, of different sizes, for no matter the size of your nail bed there is a size to fit. My nail bed's are small so sometimes it is difficult to find false nails to fit nicely, what I love about this set is that every time I go to do my nails they fit perfectly.

OPI - Mod About You

For stick on false nails they last about 6-8 days, I take very good care of my nails to ensure they last as long as possible. Other brands don't last this long, Nailene for me always ensure's great quality, I haven't bought a product from them that I haven't loved.

As you can see I have put nail polish on them, but I have had many compliments about how natural 'my nails' look with nothing on them, because they are created to look how natural nails look as they grow. Nail polish always lasts over a week no problem, no chips or anything on the Nailene nails too, so I don't have to worry about changing or touching my nails up!

The prices vary from around £3.99 - £6.99 depending on where you buy them, I have found they are the most reasonable priced brand on the market. 

I have load's of NOTD and nail post's, all featuring Nailene, so if you want to see other products that I have tried or designs them just have a look through my posts! :)

Hope you love Nailene as much as I do! Go checkout what Nailene have to offer at www.nailene.com !!



Jessica Rose said...

Nailene looks pretty interesting,
I've never tried stick on nails before, is it a pain to apply?

Lora said...

Have you used the round tip 200s? I just got a pack but they seem awfully long and I can't figure out how to trim them!! xx


MakeupLoveer said...

@Jessica - Nope, so quick and easy takes me no more than 5 mins to glue them all on! :) x

@Lora - Yeah I have, I found the best way is to file them into a squoval shape, and just keep filling until it is the right length for you x

Marilou said...

Hi :)
Love them but just wondering, does the glue come with the nails or do you have to buy it separetely?

Marilou said...

Oh no *shame shame shame* Just read the WITH GLUE on the package :)

Telly D said...

I've never been comfortable with wearing false nails but once I took a chance with the nailene nails I'm hooked . They give me a boost of confidence and I love how my nails look .I experiment with all kids of wacky colors that I would not usually wear. I love this brand of nails