Sunday, 18 July 2010

MAC for Rodarte

Hopefully you have all read this article:

Also you can view the collection HERE on Temptalia

When I first heard all about this I didn't quite understand, but after doing some research i'm a little disheartened for the obvious lack of thought on MAC's behalf in this collection, in specific respect to the name's of product's. It doesn't even launch til September and it's already ruffling a few feathers...

Personally I think it is a little insensitive to name products like "Ghost Town", "Badlands", "Factory" and "Juarez" (I am aware this might have a few meanings), when the inspiration come's from a troubled place. We might not all take offence to the names, but perhaps a little more sensitivity would be appropriate when the are dealing with a collection that could have done so much to raise awareness but I feel they went to far trying to be 'edgy'.

MAC have since released a statement that some proceeds will go to charities in that area, but like I said they could have done more and saying that only a proportion will go to charities leave me feeling like not much will go to charities. They could have used this collection to raise so much awareness and in turn help so many and if it wasn't for the uproar they would have done nothing.

Some have gone as far as saying they will never buy from MAC again, I'm not going to say that I do love the brand however this is one collection I will not be buying from nor will purchase anything that is re-promoted from this collection.

Let me know your thoughts on this, and in turn please read the other blogger's who have written about this issue. I wanted to write a little piece just so my opinion is out there, no facts about the main issue here, if you want to read a really strong piece I suggest:

Read what some others have to say too:



Perfectly Polished said...

spent all night reading all these blog posts! yours is very well written too, im so pleased we are all raising awareness on this topic! I find the images so creepy :(

you can read my view here:


mizzworthy said...

I am more and more sickened by this issue as time goes by. As you have indicated I have also posted about this;

I have seen tweets tonight suggesting that we should appreciate the "artistic" inspiration behind this collection. I can't help but wonder where people draw the line over this? It seems to me that we all suffered from a lack of awareness over this - would these people feel the same way about applying a lipstick named after the holocaust I wonder? I doubt it. MAC's statement also smacks of a lack of thought and their afterthought of a promise to donate "some" profits is insulting - its just not good enough!

Susan said...

Wonderful post. I have written about this travesty on my blog too:

Hopefully MAC and Rodarte will wake up and realise that the only way to get out of the hole they have dug themselves into, is to donate all the money to charity.

Miss*Kimmy said...

The names just sound creepy, and it's very disheartening considering where they got their inspiration from .. There's also a product called "night walker" or "sleep walker" that's really off putting. Ghost Town and Factory personally creep me out the most.